Faneuil Media helps news organizations of all sizes publish data and maps on the web.

Data Publishing

Want to give your readers a simple way to find data that's important to them? We can help you collect, organize and publish crime records, census data, campaign contributions, real estate records or anything else that's important to your readers.

As journalists and web developers, we can help you use dynamic maps, tables and charts to find the important data and publish it in a way that tells a compelling story. We can create a one-time package, or we can build a hosted ongoing, self-updating database.


Need help publishing Google or Yahoo! maps with a story? We can provide tools that allow you to create basic maps on the fly -- or we can build larger custom maps for you. We make integration simple by hosting everything we build and serving our work to clients in iframes. We are also experienced at serving data-intensive packages to high-traffic sites.

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